Botox Injection in Calgary

Unwanted wrinkles and excessive sweating don’t have to be a natural part of your life. With a Botox injection from DermNurse Medical Aesthetics of Calgary, you can increase your confidence.

Why Botox?

By now, Botox is well-known as an injectable cosmetic treatment for unwanted wrinkles. Whether you are dissatisfied with your neck, stressed about forehead lines, or suddenly aware of crows’ feet advancing from your eyes, Botox injections can be applied to many places on the face to leave you more satisfied with your appearance.

Botox injections work by temporarily relaxing specific facial muscles responsible for repetitive contraction of the skin, which, over time, leads to wrinkles. Botox injected between the eyes in the furrow region has been studied and can reduce depression and improve mood and headaches.

Why DermNurse Medical Aesthetics?

In May of 2020, we received Best in Calgary’s Best in Botox award because DermNurse Medical Aesthetics is dedicated to our patients. We offer the best Botox and other cosmetic injectable services at competitive prices.

We also help you look and feel your best with other aesthetic services that are results-driven and practical to suit your lifestyle and budget. In addition, we offer 10% off your first treatment or product! Ask us for details.

Our certified, licensed professionals operate in a safe, clean space in Calgary. We strive to produce natural-looking results to make you look and feel more refreshed.

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