Plasma Skin Treatment


What is Plasma?

Plasma is the 4rth state of matter. Solids, liquids and gases are the other three. Plasma works by a process called sublimation. An example of this is when tissue (a type of solid) bypasses the liquid stage to the next stage, which is gas. 

Plasma is the next generation anti-aging treatment originating from Europe and is a complimentary treatment with Botox or other neuromodulators. 

*The picture to the left is a before and immediately after plasma treatment photo. Notice the instant tightening and removal of wrinkles?

How does it work?

Plasma tightens loose wrinkly skin and stimulates collagen and fibroblast production by creating a focused controlled burn, involving the epidermis (top layer of the skin) in a grid-like pattern. As the plasma deposits heal collagen and fibroblasts move into the injury sites, which look like polka-dots. When doing so, they seal and tighten the spot  which results in a purse-string tightening effect whereby the surrounding skin is drawn in. 

Plasma is highly effective in producing real anti-aging results by tightening loose skin and softening or eliminating lines deep lines.

Who is the best candidate for Plasma Skin Therapy?

Clients with skin types 1-3 are the best candidates for Plasma treatment. 

 Skin Type I

Pale white skin, blue/green eyes, blond/red hairAlways burns, does not tan

Skin Type II

Fair skin, blue eyesBurns easily, tans poorly. Those with a family generation history of darker skin types automatically become classified as skin type III. 

Skin Type III

Darker white skin, tans after initial burn

Clients with loose skin and wrinkles will experience more superior results than those who do not.

Those clients who wear an SPF 30 or higher daily and who avoid direct sunlight are the best candidates as well.

What should I expect after treatment?

Expect 2-4 days downtime. The treated areas will be red and feel similar to a bad sunburn. A healing serum provided by DermNurse will be applied to the treated areas 2-3 times daily until the polka-dot crusts fall off on their own (usually day 3-6).  Make-up and sunscreen may be applied at this time.

Most swelling occurs day 2 but can also occur within 24 hours post treatment. This is normal. The small polka-dot looking crusts are visible right after the treatment and may actually darken within 24 hours.

To reduce the risk of developing hyperpigmentation sunlight should be avoided and sunscreen applied daily. 

When should I notice results?

Most clients notice an instant tightening effect right after the procedure. However, the maximized tightening effect will be visible at week 8 post treatment. At that time you may decide to have a re-treatment to achieve further tightening. 

What areas can be treated? What is the Cost?

Correcting upper and lower eyelid laxity used to be best corrected with a surgical procedure called a Blepharoplasty. Not anymore. Plasma technology from Europe treats excess skin through a process called sublimation using precisely placed plasma energy.  The technology can also treat scarring, large pore sizes, uneven skin texture and hyperpigmentation. Other treatment areas include lower eyelid wrinkles, crowsfeet, neck, and any other loose skin areas.

Upper eyelids initial treatment: $800 (regular price). Re-treatment if needed:$400 Lower eyelids: $600 (regular price) Re-treatment if needed:$350 Crows feet initial treatment: $400 (regular price). Re-treatment if needed: $200 Upper lip initial treatment: $400. Re-treatment $200.

Lower lip initial treatment: $400. Re-treatment is $200. Upper and Lower lip combo: $700. Upper and Lower lip combo re-treatment if needed: $350.  Full Neck-Lift: $1500. Under Chin: $500. Under Chin re-treatment if needed. Nasal Labial folds: starting at $400. Nasal Labial Fold re-treatment if needed: starting at $200. 

Line treatment $75 each. Re-treatment $75 each

​*Re-treatments are performed no sooner than 8 weeks post procedure.