Wrinkle Reduction


Our new Fractora can reduce stubborn wrinkles like these in just two treatments! Results can vary depending on each individual. 

The Fractora is a more aggressive treatment for wrinkles than the Venus Viva and therefore has higher down-time. However, results are achieved in less treatments than the viva and are are more pronounced.

Skin Tightening/Lifting


This before and after photo is the result of just one Fractora treatment. 

The Venus Viva can achieve some skin tightening but requires many more treatments. 

Skin Brightening/Lightening

Our new Fractora not only tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles but it also reduces hyperpigmentati

The  Fractora also reduces hyperpigmentation and helps break up melasma!

The Venus Viva helps to break up hyperpigmentation as well but requires more treatments and does not reduce melasma.

Acne Reduction


Quickly reduce cystic acne with Fractora!

Scar Reduction

This result

This scar reduction result was achieved after one Fractora treatment.

The Venus Viva may be able to achieve similar results but will require more treatments. 

Skin Resurfacing

Get the skin glass look with Fractora!

Get the "skin glass" look with Fractora.

Real client testimonial Video

This video was created by one of our clients who suffered from chronic acne.

Fractora Video

Please review this short video about how the Fractora works and how it can help your skin needs.