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Cosmetic Injectables



Botox $10/unit, Dysport $9/unit (drops to $8/unit if injections are done less than 6 months apart)

Neuromodulators temporarily block or weaken the ability of muscles to contract, thereby, softening the skin lying above the muscle. Commonly treated areas include between eyebrows (Glabella), forehead (Frontalis) or Crowsfeet (lateral canthal region). The effect can last up to 3 months. 

Those clients who work-out or exercise more may require more frequent treatments. 

DermNurse is generally conservative with neuromodulator dosing to achieve natural looking results. Touch-ups may be required after two weeks from the initial treatment. 

Dermal Fillers

We offer Health Canada approved dermal filler products including Restylane, Teosyal, and Saypha.

Dermal filler is composed of simple sugar cross-linked into a gel which eventually becomes reabsorbed by the body and used as energy. These products are used to replace volume where volume has been lost. 

Effects can last up to 12 to 18 months. Clients who are very physically active may experience a shorter duration in filler longevity. 

Common treatment areas include cheeks, temples, laugh lines and lips. Other areas include the brows for brow lift, nose to create a smoother contour or symmetry, or tear troughs.

DermNurse is conservative in its approach to dermal filler injections. It is better to under correct the volume loss than over correct. Having too much filler results in looking "over done" which is worse than being treated at all. 

Facial Aging