Dermaplaning Facial

What is Dermaplaning? ​

One of the hottest trends in skincare, dermaplaning is a safe alternative to chemical and manual exfoliation or vellus (peach fuzz) hair removal on the face. Using a sterile unique blade, the technician exfoliates the epidermis (specifically the stratum corneum) through a controlled scraping. This technique effectively removes dead skin cells and vellus facial hair thereby stimulating skin rejuvenation and eliminating hair that traps excess dirt and oil.

Does Dermaplaning Make the Hair Grow Back Thicker or Darker? ​

Nope! There are two types of hair that grow on our bodies: Vellus (thin translucent blond hair) and Terminal (thicker hair that grows on our eyebrows, under our arms, public region and legs). Vellus hair will grow back the same way after being cut or removed. Whereas terminal hair is physiologically course to begin with and grows back the same way. This is influenced by genetics, hormones, and medications.

Is Dermaplaning painful or does it cause the skin to bleed?

If done properly, with good technique, there is no pain or bleeding with your dermaplaning treatment. Sometimes the occasional nick in the skin can occur. It is rare and usually very minor.

What are the benefits?

Exfoliation from dermaplaning promotes increased epidermal cell turnover and differentiation which improves skin texture and tone and allows greater penetration of anti-aging products. Regular treatments can reduce appearance of fine lines, scars, pores, and hyperpigmentation. The treatment immediately gives the skin a glow and improves product penetration and skin hydration.

Dermaplaning performed by a trained technician is better than shaving your own face for two main reasons:

1-The technician can see some areas of your face better than you thereby ensuring all vellus hair is removed.

2-The dermaplaning blade exfoliates the skin more efficiently than a store bought razor. Blading actually removes about 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin build-up!


What skin types/conditions can be treated with Dermaplaning?

All skin types with the exception of moderate-severe acne (Acne grade 3-4) because the oils from the sebaceous glands normally travel up the vellus hair. If the vellus hair is cut the oils tend to stay below the surface where it mixes with bacteria and ultimately stimulating more acne.

Another exception is inflamed dry flaky skin. Dermaplaning can increase irritation and inflammation in this case.

Men with a 5 o'clock shadow are not good candidates since the blade is not made to cut terminal hair and will dull very quickly.

Dermaplaning may be preferred by some clients who are not good candidates for chemical exfoliation or microdermabrasion as well as ethnic skin or Fitzpatrick types 4-6 or mild rosacea.

What should I expect during my treatment?

Please arrive with clean skin. Your skin will be gently cleansed and prepped.

A hair will be tied back to avoid contact with your face.

Depending on how dry your skin is an oil may be applied to allow the blade to glide more smoothly across the skin.

The treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

A gentle anti-aging mask will be applied to the treated area. While this is in place a gentle scalp massage will be provided.

How often can Dermaplaning be performed?

Every 4 weeks. We want the skin to complete its full cycle which takes approximately 30 days.

What is the cost?

$129.99 plus GST.

Contraindications for Dermaplaning

  • Bruised, inflamed or open skin
  • Clients undergoing cancer therapy
  • Clients with uncontrolled diabetes
  • Clients with epilepsy
  • Clients with bleeding disorders
  • Clients with active cold sores
  • Sunburned skin
  • Clients using Accutane
  • Clients taking blood thinners
  • Clients using Retin-A or Retinols topically on their faces. Clients MUST stop using these products 1 week prior to their treatment.
  • Clients with acne grade 3-4
  • Clients with active skin infection or skin rashes
  • Clients with multiple facial moles, psoriasis, or eczema
  • Clients who have had Botox/Dysport or Dermal Fillers within the last 2 weeks. We ask please wait 14 days after these treatments before getting Dermaplaning.