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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


What is it?

PRP has been used in dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, wound healing, sports medicine, and orthopedics for many years.

The PRP system offered at DermNurse involves extracting a small amount of the clients blood and spinning it down to create a platelet rich plasma (AKA Liquid Gold) which contains concentrated amounts of the clients own growth factors. When injected into the skin, these growth factors stimulate stem cells and fibroblasts.

What can it do?

PRP has been clinically proven to safely restore volume where volume has been lost (eg., tear troughs), reverse hair loss, and improve skin density, appearance, and texture. 

*It has been supported clinically as a safe alternative to dermal fillers

What makes our PRP process the best?

Our process is backed by clinical research as most effective in producing the best PRP results. For example, we use a twice sterile wrapped double syringe and spin the blood to produce PRP with approximately 2.5 times the normal concentration and practically free from red and white blood cells thereby producing the most clinically significant results. Unlike other systems, there are no stabilizers added to the PRP so the product injected into your skin is 100% pure from your body  and back to your body. Lastly, the safety and efficiency of this process/system has been Health Canada and FDA approved.  

How many treatments do I need and how long do the results last?

Ideally, three treatments spaced 4 weeks apart are required for optimal results.

The results, once achieved, typically last 1-2 years. You will need a re-treatment after 1-2 years.

*Lifestyle factors can influence the longevity of results. 

What is the downtime?

Typically swelling is reported within the first 24 hours of treatment lasting up to 72 hrs. 


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