Facials and Chemical Peels

About our facials

Our facial treatments combine products selected from the Alumier MD, ZO skin health and Glo Minerals lines which are rich in vitamins, botanical extracts, peptides and anti-oxidants to address specific skin concerns which may include dryness, oiliness, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, or scarring. With a personalized facial or chemical peel customized to you, optimum results can be achieved.


Vitamin C Brightening Facial

Vitamin C Facial $59.99 on special from $89.99

Our most popular facial! Using our Illuminating products, available exclusively at DermNurse, our Vitamin C facials are designed to address and correct hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Vitamins and antioxidants boost brightness, combat discoloration and dark spots while advanced peptide ingredients repair collagen and elastin. Extractions are an extra charge of $20

Exfoliating Facial $59.99 on special from $89.99

Using exfoliating botanicals plus a diamond encrusted facial file, we remove the top layer of dead skin cells revealing brighter more fresh skin underneath. This facial is completed with a soothing facial massage. Extractions are an extra charge of $20


Alumier MD Chemical Peels

Alumier™ MD Chemical Peels are clinically proven to:
Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
Thickens the epidermis and increases dermal volume
Stimulate collagen growth
Slough away dead skin cell
Hydrate your skin
Improve acne
Lighten pigmentation
Reduce appearance of large pores

Renew 30: This is the most gentle and hydrating of Alumier™peels, consisting of 30% lactic acid formula to effectively loosen dead skin cells revealing brighter, plumper, more even- toned skin. A great choice for first-time peelers or clients with sensitive skin.

The Glow: Salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol come together in a 7% formula to treat a host of skin concerns. Deeply penetrating but very tolerable, resorcinol aids the action of the acids in clearing sebaceous problems and rejuvenating the epidermis. A popular choice for fans of the Jessner-type peel who need controlled peeling and comfortable down-time. Get your glow on!

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How often should you do peels?

Acne: The BHA or Glow Alumier peel ideally should be applied every 2 weeks for a series of 6 peels then maintained with 1 peel every 3 months

Rosacea: The Renew 30 Alumier peel is recommended every 3 weeks for a series of 6 peels then maintained with 1 peel every 3 months

Pigmentation/Anti-aging: The Glow or Power Glow Alumier peel is recommended every 4 weeks for a series of 6 peels the maintained with 1 peel every 3 months.


Floral enzyme facial

Immerse yourself into the hands of our skilled technician and enjoy a relaxing and regenerating floral enzyme mask facial.
Length of treatment: 40 minutes
Regular price $89.99
Sale price: $59.99


Chocolate Lux Facial

Chocolate is good inside and out. High in antioxidants and calming ingredients, our chocolate mask is absolute luxury.
Length of treatment: 40 minutes
Regular price: $89.99
Sale price: $59.99