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An all-natural plant-based way to help you take charge of weight loss, cravings, & brain fog. 

A revolutionary product discovered in plants that takes sugar in the gut and converts it into fibre. The enzyme that does this conversion is called Glucose Converting Enzyme (GCE) and does this in two steps:
Step 1. The first step involves taking sucrose (a disaccharide of two sugar molecules -Glucose and fructose) and cuts the bond between them.
Step 2. Fructose is processed by the body while the glucose molecule is taken and linked to other glucose molecules to make a long polysaccharide chain called Alpha Glucan.
Alpha Glucan is a finer that appears to have great prebiotic benefits which include feeding and supporting healthy gut bacteria most of which takes place in the intestinal tract. 
Transform thermogenic that enhances the body’s ability to regulate weight effectively by reducing the amount of sugar stored into fat which makes your body then utilizing your fat reserve as a source of energy. It also supports optimal blood sugar management in healthy blood sugar levels. 
Did you know that the average Canadian consumes 60-80lbs of sugar per year? This excludes natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables. 
Excess sugar leads to increased oxidative stress, which leads to inflammation, aging (collagen loss),  cardiovascular disease, stroke, weight gain, diabetes, thyroid disease, Alzheimers, ADHD, etc.

Best use:

One bottle contains 60 capsules 
0 calories
0 carbs
0 Protein 
Proprietary blend of GCE
Thermo GP (Grains of Paradise Fruit Extract) 10mg